NovaCardio with the EncaptureMD Echocardiography Structured Reporting Application is the fastest way to create all types of echocardiography related reports. EncaptureMD Echo simplifies the documentation process and eliminates the need for transcription and dictation services which can take days until critical patient information is available to guide treatment and for billing purposes.

Clinician Benefits

Quickly and easily create ICAEL accreditation-compliant reports using time-saving features for input of wall motion text and diagrams, ECG interpretations, descriptions of masses, etc Streamline workflow, improve turnaround time and increase information access Built-in quality assessment features Import DICOM SR measurements and calculations that auto-populate the report to reduce entry and clicks Read and review results anywhere, anytime

Report Types

Transthoracic Transesophageal Exercise and pharmacologic stress Adult congenital


Vascular procedures are comprised of spectral and B-mode ultrasound, plethysmography, segmental blood pressure estimates and numerous speciality procedures. EncaptureMD can import DICOM SR data from many US vendors then create complete accreditation-ready reports based on ICAVL and SVU standards

Clinician Benefits

Quickly and easily create ICAVL compliant reports using time-saving features to document duplex and B-mode ultrasound, segmental BP, PVR, cold sensitivity testing, PPG, TOO testing, claudication testing and more Streamline workflow, improve turn-around time and increase information access Import DICOM SR measurements that auto-populate the report Read and review results anywhere

Report Types

Carotid Duplex Renal Duplex Aorto-lliac Duplex Mesenteric Duplex Transcranial Doppler Upper and Lower Arterial Upper and Lower Venous Duplex and Vein Mapping


Nuclear Stress testing is one of the most important tests used to screen for coronary artery disease (CAD). EncaptureMD can supplement existing Nuclear viewers or view DICOM images via secondary capture, thereby allowing a single unified source for all Cardiology reports.

Clinician Benefits

Quickly and easily create ICANL accreditation-compliant reports using time-saving features for data input of wall motion text and diagrams, ECG interpretations Incorporate SPECT images into reports Upload stress ECG information for off-site interpretation


Exercise protocols include – Bruce, Modified Bruce, Naughton Pharmacologic protocols include Dobutamine, Persantine, Adenosine, Regadenson

Report Types

Treadmill Pharmacologic Routine non-imaging stress


Now you can use the power of NovaCardio™ ECG to read, annotate, manipulate, report and store ECG studies in CPACS.


Facilitates quick movement through worklist of studies Alter machine generated diagnostic text, if desired Superimpose leads Sign and save Move automatically to next study Full PACS worklist functionality Alter voltage and time Display rhythm or single beat Vertical, horizontal calipers Compare priors Conversion to DICOM is available 12- and 15-lead resting


Cardiac Catheterization laboratories perform a wide variety of invasive and interventional procedures. EncaptureMD supports information management for all these procedures including clinical, reasearch and business/statistical report creation and inventory management. Cath labs generate hemodynamic, X-ray, ultrasound and procedural data from common coronary arteriography studies to complex congenital cases. The end result is a report documenting the findings and interventions.

Clinician Benefits

Consolidate data sources including fluoro and hemodynamic monitoring systems into unified system Enable collaboration among medical staff at time of procedure Improve report turnarouond time Collect research and registry data alongside clinical data

Report Types

Right and left heart hemodynamics Ventriculography Angiography Angioplasty Valvular Disease Shunts/PDA/Coarctation assessment ASD/PFO closure device implantation