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Monitor every aspect of your radiology department

NovaPacs leads the industry as a proven PACS system, increasing radiology efficiency through a completely mouse driven viewer, a fully customizable interface, and a set of easily accessible advanced features.

Why NovaPACS is the last PACS you'll ever need

  • The best web-based technology with both thin client and zero client solutions that utilize high level streaming, imaging algorithms, and proprietary methods for distributing large data sets quickly.
  • Absolutely full-featured viewer; robust and scalable. Always improving, to remain one of the best products available.
  • User-friendly, easy to learn and completely customizable with buttons, toolbars, menu hotkeys, and mouse settings that follow the user wherever they go.
  • Images and reports available anytime, anywhere, via any web browser, PDA, or smart phone.
  • Our full diagnostic viewer is available from any computer in the world and is feature rich, including advance hanging protocols, MIP, MPR, and voice annotation.
  • Workstations that include the ability to have one-click voice recognition dictation from the PACS - Picture Archiving and Communication System.
  • Continuous upgrades. All upgrades included at no additional fee so that you can always afford to stay current.
  • Continued affordability with no extra fees, increases only related to inflation, and fair pricing practices.
  • Continued improvement in interface technology to allow you to interface to new products.
  • Reasonable prices on new interfaces now and in the future.
  • The best support in the industry. Novarad Tech Force available 24/7 for quick resolutions to any concern.
  • A stable RIS/PACS company that is debt free and able to withstand economic storms.
  • A company with management who is committed to you as a customer, to this industry, and to making healthcare more affordable.
  • Novarad always provides three copies of all images. Two copies are online and on-site and one copy is off-site. This means you have no extra costs for disaster recovery.
  • Top-rated in KLAS

Tech Support

NovaPACS Tech Force Support
Novarad provides the best support and service because we are small enough to be personal and friendly, but mature enough to be experienced and efficient. Novarad is dedicated to providing you with the highest level of customer service and support. When you call our Utah-based support center any time day or night, you get immediate and efficient support from the best in the industry. There are other small companies that provide this, but they do not have over 800 installations and 20 years of experience. Less down time translates to larger profit for your facility. Count on the Novarad Tech Force 24/7.

Pricing Model

The NovaPACS pricing model is specifically designed to help hospitals and radiology centers realize a remarkably fast return on investment. All software and hardware is included in a single price, and fees are based on a subscription model corresponding to a customer's annual image load. NovaPACS normally delivers a return on investment in less than one year.

Customer Comments

Campbell County Memorial Hospital, Gillette, WY
Larry Lempka, Director of Radiology

"Choosing a system that had a small capital investment and a low monthly usage fee made selecting NovaPACS easy. Since the selection, they have continued to be there with outstanding support. Novarad's dedication to its customers combined with a robust and affordable PACS system reinforces to us that our investment in NovaPACS was the right choice."

Central Ohio Primary Care, Central Ohio
Steve Saeger BS, RT, Imaging Services Manager

"The Novarad system's ability to integrate into our other existing systems allows us to utilize the full functionality of our PACS/RIS to improve overall efficiencies. Novarad has a proven affordable product that can adapt as quickly and easily as our company expands and can provide the best healthcare solution for any size organization."

Logan Regional Medical Center, Logan, WV
Chris Reed, PACS Administrator

"There's a big misconception that the smaller hospitals can't achieve an ROI to sustain getting PACS, but with NovaPACS you can because of the pricing structure. It's significantly lower than other PACS."

Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital, Nacogdoches, TX
Freddie Gibson, Director of Medical Imaging

"After reviewing several of the PACS available, we determined that only NovaPACS had a forward-looking vision of the evolving healthcare IT market that could make PACS affordable for a hospital in our situation.

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